Micro-apartments and small-cubature apartments are more and more often chosen by new buyers of residential premises. Such premises are becoming more and more in demand, not only because of the price, but also because of the independence they provide. In such micro-apartments we will find exactly the same living zones as in the case of a larger apartment layout. The zones are kept, but their size is changed and the emphasis is on their functionality.

In the case of small apartments / houses, many questions arise … Does a small space limit your freedom? What does it mean that in the case of micro-apartment surfaces, the most important thing is their functionality? How can it work?

Multifunctionality of small interiors

In the case of small living spaces, everything has to work perfectly together. In a limited space, the use of multifunctional solutions becomes the norm. Here are some examples for a better explanation.

  1. Use a staircase as a storage space for books / shoes or use the space underneath the stairs as a work space
  2. A bed hidden in the wardrobe with the use of a second function on the opposite side – work space (desk, shelves)
  3. The use of white, light colors of the walls, which optically enlarge the spaces and add a minimalist aesthetic to the interior
  4. The use of numerous mirrors, glazing, e.g. in doors, skylights illuminating the interior to visually enlarge the existing space

More possibilities for introducing functional solutions in small interiors will appear in a separate article.

Does a small space limit freedom?

Definitely not! It is just the opposite. The simple design and small size of the micro-apartments emphasize the simplicity of life. The sheer size of such an apartment allows for greater integration with nature, and this applies to both the building and people.

A small building is much more integrated with nature, which makes life in such a space much more pleasant. Walks, breakfasts in the garden, children playing outside in front of the house – the space generates many more opportunities for family integration. Such a place provides greater freedom of life – when we leave the house, we have a much friendlier atmosphere than in the case of a larger building with a negligible amount of greenery around.

Architecture consistent with nature, where the interior flows smoothly into the exterior, and the residential part becomes an integral part of the surrounding nature. Such an interweaving of functions is very beneficial for our health and happiness, because the integral role of nature in shaping a healthy life of people is undeniable.

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