Your Tiny House

Tiny House is a ready-to-live-in house that you can put up the most beautiful part of the world and live in it as comfortably as in a classic building. And the  price? The Basic version starts from net 37.500 Euro.

Each element is well thought out so that it can become a solid foundation of your world – a permanent and safe space where you can live exactly as you like – simple, beautiful and happy.

Take a look inside and see what you’ll love it for


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Comfort of life

We have designed the house to provide you with a perfect harmony between light, a sense of space and intelligent use of the area. Thoughtful design and high functionality make it unmatched on the market of mobile homes.


Spacious windows that let in a lot of light


Warm to the touch, natural floor


Ecological, health-friendly materials


Lots of storage space to keep everything important to you close at hand


Warmth in winter and comfortable conditions in summer – to enjoy it all year round. Regardless of the weather.


We focus on solid craftsmanship – in the production of houses, we use wood that is ideally suited to the climatic conditions. We order them from carefully selected, proven suppliers.

We strongly believe in this product. It is well-thought-out, refined and completely safe. Therefore, with a calm heart, we provide a guarantee for it and full technical care after the purchase.


We made sure that there is nothing that will make life more enjoyable. A large, fold-out sofa invites you to stretch out with your favorite book and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And when unplanned guests happen, it will turn into a spacious sleeping place for two.


If you prefer – meetings with family and friends you can spend on the terrace, surrounded by nature – everything you love is at your fingertips.

The joy of cooking

A fully equipped kitchen with a large work surface will provide you with the convenience of preparing meals. It has everything you need for your culinary madness: a fridge, an induction cooker, a deep sink, a dishwasher and enough cabinets to accommodate your favorite kitchen utensils.

There will also be a fold-out table where you can enjoy your meal in the best company.

Place to work

Home office or functional study space? No problem!

In Live Tiny House we have a quite large desk where you can comfortably sit down to work. There are also cabinets and drawers for office accessories at hand to keep everything in its place.

A well-thought-out location provides access to daylight from two sides and enough space to provide you with full comfort and concentration.


A quick shower or a long relaxation under a hot stream?
The choice is yours.

The bathroom that you will find in your house, although small, is prepared so that it does not run out of anything that must be at hand in the morning bustle, and in the evening it can turn into a home spa area.

Cozy bedroom

The guarantee of a good sleep is a properly selected bed – fabulously comfortable and large enough to ensure a comfortable sleep. You can be sure that you will fit exactly what you like in the mezzanine bedroom. And there’s still some room to store what you want to be close to when you wake up.

Space, privacy and peace – this is how we planned the bedroom in Tiny House.

At Live Tiny House, we solve the problem of long-term house construction by providing mobile homes where you can live in any part of the world - without unnecessary formalities and obtaining building permits.
Immediately. On your own.

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