– what exactly is located in Tiny House

We make sure that each Tiny House is tailored to the needs of its residents. Therefore, in the specification below, you will find general technical assumptions resulting from the construction of houses. The final effect will be the result of the cooperation of our constructors and designers, who will do everything in their power to create a tailor-made house out of it. Your measure.

What you’ll find in the specification:

The structure of the trailer

House facade and insulation

Building structure

Technical plans of the ground floor and mezzanine

Interior finishing and equipment

Premium and off-grid additions

The structure of the trailer

This is the solid foundation of Tiny House, specially designed for safe transportation and peaceful living.

It is high enough to overcome more challenging hills and roads, and gives you easy access to the chassis without having to lift it first. At the same time, it is set so low that the ideal mezzanine height has been achieved with the total height of the house permitted by law.


  • Polish producer
  • 2-axis structure, specially designed for our micro-houses, approved for moving on the roads
  • It has 4 stabilizing supports
  • Spare wheel included

House facade and insulation

The facade made of Canadian cedar fits perfectly with the zinc sheet. The combination of their fungicidal and insecticidal properties and excellent insulation conditions guarantee safe living in peace and quiet.


  • The trailer’s insulation is made of a board with a resole foam core and a glass fiber cladding on both sides. It perfectly protects the house against harsh weather conditions and is a guarantee of maintaining thermal comfort inside the house.
  • The insulation of the mineral wool structure works comprehensively – it insulates the house against heat loss, effectively silences and maintains the optimal temperature inside – both in winter and summer. It has a protective and anti-fire effect.

Building structure

We make sure that the houses are made comprehensively, and their structure is durable and energy-efficient. Thanks to this, the investment in Tiny House gives you a fully functional house that does not generate high costs related to its use.

  • Insulated technical box
  • Windows 5 pcs. with flat sheet shutters
  • Permanent large viewing window (non-tilting) 1 pc.
  • Double, double-leaf glass doors, 1470 cm wide
  • Underfloor heating (the entire area of ​​the cottage without a mezzanine)
  • Plumbing for kitchen and bathroom
  • Electrical installation (including 6 double sockets and 2 single sockets, 1 socket outside, outlets for connecting: dishwasher, washing machine, induction hob, hood and refrigerator, TV socket, switches, distribution box, 230 V electric socket)
  • smoke and gas detectors, fire extinguisher
  • lighting
  • Recuperator

External dimensions: 7.00m x 2.55m
Internal dimensions: 6.72m x 2.15m
Micro house area: 14.5 m2 + 6 m2 mezzanine

Interior finishing and equipment

Internal finish

  • Partition walls made of plasterboard
  • Spruce board floor substructure
  • The floor is lined with laminate flooring – choose a color from the pattern book
  • Mini fireplace


  • PVC flooring
  • Shower door
  • Washbasin with cabinet, mirror
  • Cinderella self-incinerating toilet
  • Clean water tank


  • Wardrobe with space for a washing machine – mirror front
  • Egger fronts – light gray
  • Wooden table top (oak laminate)
  • Foldable kitchen worktop with invisible hangers
  • Internal sliding doors hidden in the wall
  • English type sink with a visible front, foldable faucet
  • Self-closing drawers
  • Two-burner induction hob
  • Wooden frame by the kitchen window – a visual element
  • Oven, dishwasher, fridge

Living room furniture

  • Stairs secured with ropes stretched to the beams
  • Bookshelf
  • A sofa bed to size
  • Decorative LAMEL wall
  • Ropes stretched to the beams and the ceiling – in a diagonal arrangement
  • Middle hammock bed fixed to the beams 1320 × 1280
  • development of a bookcase along the stairs and a “mini office” table top

Premium and off-grid additions

Basic project is not enough for you? No problem – we will provide additional equipment that will allow you to adapt the house to the needs of even the most demanding users. Examples of improvements:

  • Photovoltaic installation with integrated battery and inverter
  •  Gas installation (water heating, cooking, heating)
  •  Adaptation or modification of wall insulation
  •  Additional tank for clean gray water
  • SMART installation
  • Additional support from an interior designer

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