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» How much is a micro house?
The price of the house in the Basic version starts from Euro 37,500 net.

There are no hidden costs with us, you pay for the entire finished product. 
We do not offer mobile homes in the developer's standard, only a house that
you can live in right away. We offer several options for the standard of the
house - Basic, Premium and off-grid in each of these versions. We are also
open to the individual wishes of the buyer, for which we perform an
independent valuation. However, before you receive a detailed proposal, we will ask you to complete
a short survey in which you will tell us what you really expect from a mobile
home. To meet your expectations, we will construct an offer tailor-made
for you.


» Can I live in Tiny House in winter?

Yes of course. The micro-houses are well insulated for winter and have underfloor heating as standard. You can also heat all rooms with a small fireplace.

» »Are the houses from Live House self-sufficient?

Yes, it is possible. The photovoltaic panel package we offer can power lighting and smaller electrical components, but is not designed for high power. We also recommend gas installations to power electrical appliances.

» How long is the waiting time for Tiny House

The delivery time is approx. 15 weeks from the start of production.

» Can the house travel on roads?

Micro houses are built on a trailer with approval. To move the microdom, you need a BE class driving license and a strong car with a maximum trailer weight of 3500 kg. If you are not experienced with such a large load, we recommend that you use a professional carrier.

» I want to buy a Tiny House, what's the next step?

Contact us here. We will organize a personal meeting during which you will tell us about your needs, then prepare an offer for you. When the offer is accepted by you, we write the contract and then the construction of your microdome begins.

» How does water and sewage work?

Microdomes come with a clean water tank and standard waste water drain that can be easily connected to your existing infrastructure, a gray water tank or Micro houses come with a water tank and standard drain that can be easily connected to your existing infrastructure, a greywater filter or a septic tank (if available). Our houses have an incinerating toilet, so there is no black water in it.

» What about electricity in the cottage?

As standard, the power supply is connected via a 32A 3-phase connector. Thanks to this, the microdome is supplied with 230V.

» Where can I build a house?

Live TINY Houses can be used as year-round apartments or holiday homes. You can put it on your own property, in the garden or on a plot agreed with the land owner. In winter, you can take it to the mountains, and in summer to Masurian lakes or the sea.

» Do I need a building permit?

Mobile homes are subject to the same laws as other homes. If the usable area of ​​a mobile home does not exceed 70 m², it can be registered with the office as an object of individual recreation. If we do not receive an objection within 21 days from the date of notification, we can build a tiny house without a building permit. ABove stands for polish building regulations. For other EU countries please refer to temporary building regulations or not permanently connected to the ground structures.


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At Live Tiny House, we solve the problem of long-term house construction by providing mobile homes where you can live in any part of the world - without unnecessary formalities and obtaining building permits.
Immediately. On your own.

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