The freedom that we all like so much and that is extremely important to us is not only financial independence. Freedom is a way of life.

Tiny House is freedom.

Tiny House is also freedom from an excess of things, expectations, and not necessarily perfection.

Tiny House helps us live based on who we are, not what we have. It is a lack of dependence on objects, distance to owning them. Ownership should not be our goal in life! Excess and excess of the material can only lead to boredom.

Being financially independent is about time, not money and items

Do we really need so many material things? We work more to spend more. Our culture tells us that we still don’t have enough to be happy. We have created a world of plenty that keeps us wanting more.

Let’s change it

It’s time to take care of what’s really important. Let us replace surrounding ourselves with new objects with building relationships with our loved ones. Let us take care of the values ​​passed on to children. Let this time together pay off and build bonds. What is priceless in life does not require financial outlays.

The minimalist lifestyle flows from within. It’s the feeling that things don’t define us, that self-esteem doesn’t come from how much and what we have. We don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Being financially independent is not about more than that

First of all, when you own a mini house, you spend less because you need less.

Secondly, you buy better quality things and although they are often more expensive, they last longer and you do not spend more money on new replacements – it also saves time and money.

Do you also see a tiny house as an opportunity to repair your savings or a way to optimize your home budget in the long term? Or maybe you see more advantages in re-enacting your life?

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