Most people consider their own home to be the best place to live. It gives space, privacy and closer contact with nature, but the downside is the price. Thanks to modern technologies, this problem can also be solved – instead of spending money on a traditional house, you can invest in a tiny house.

Small house – less expenses

A tiny house costs much less than building a traditional house. It is not only a matter of the area, but also the technology of execution, in addition, the microhouse does not require the purchase of an expensive building plot. You do not even need to apply for a building permit, because with an area of ​​less than 70 m2, it is enough to report to the office about the possession of an individual recreation facility. The office has 21 days to submit an objection, and if this does not happen, you can immediately start using your mobile home.

Simple change of location

For some, the micro-house will become a permanent place of residence, while others will use it only periodically. Regardless of the main function of a microhouse, you can always change its original location, which cannot be done either with single-family houses or summer cottages. Mobile homes from Live Tiny House are not particularly troublesome in transport, although it requires a powerful car and a category B+E driving license. At the destination, you still need to ask for the owner’s consent, which is usually not a big problem, thanks to which you can spend part of the year at the seaside, and part in the mountains or another location.

As comfortable as in a traditional home

Tiny house is not large, but it has everything you need. In the tiny house there is a place to relax, work and sleep. There is a kitchen and a bathroom. The house has an efficient heating system, so also in the winter season, during frosts, it will fulfill its role. The mobile home can be connected to existing installations in the selected location, and some models have their own water tanks, solar panels, special toilets that do not produce harmful sewage.

Tailor-made house

Tiny houses are manufactured in a specific way, but each project can be adapted to individual needs – if the standard version seems too modest, there is always a premium version with additional amenities. It takes about 15 weeks for the house to be ready.

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