We live in a world of excess. Excess information, possibilities, items. In order to protect ourselves from this excess of products and lead a rich life, we must start selecting wisely what we surround ourselves with. Take a look around you. Compare and consider – are you really using it all? Remove all kitchen knives from the wardrobe, all umbrellas you have at home, choose your favorite in each category of items. Take a look at the rest. Are you sure you are using this?

Throw away all unnecessary, damaged and unused items, such as a bicycle, turntable, sunken Moroccan pouf, rusty scissors … and keep only those that are faithful to you. As you sort through your possessions, you will discover more and more new items that you never use and that existed long ago. When you decide to get rid of them, you will feel tremendously relieved. Stop wasting energy trying to prove that you did the right thing by buying all the things that are now proving redundant and with which we don’t know what to do.

By getting rid of unnecessary things, you will realize how unsightly and useless it was.

It was a habit that when you walked past them ten times a day, you didn’t even notice them. All of this has a huge impact on your life. It causes blockages, takes away energy and willingness to act, and hinders progress. Even if a thing is useful but you don’t like it very much or you think it could be more practical, ergonomic, lighter…. Don’t hesitate to replace it with a better quality one. The smallest object will thus acquire greater value and meaning. When you consciously limit the number of items you buy, you will be able to afford to choose those that are of the best quality.

What if you are not sure …?

When there are doubts as to whether or not to keep an item, it is not something that was made for you, or you did not know how to use it properly. You’ll probably get rid of her sooner or later. It is better, then, to settle these issues now. Why wait and waste energy? The problem is not whether you could potentially use it someday, but whether you use it. Clothes, cars, computers, tools, furniture, various trinkets…. The multitude of products and opportunities at our disposal today complicate our decisions even more.

If you think you will later regret throwing an item away, put it back in the “donate” box and see if you miss it. If so, think about how you can replace it, then don’t think about it for a while and the solution will come to you.

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