Considering buying a house from Live Tiny House but unsure about the process? Buying a tiny house is not like buying a new pair of jeans. However, we’d like to think we’ve created a streamlined stress-free buying experience! That’s why we put your needs at the center of our attention and planned innovative 5 steps to your dream home that are nothing like the hardships of traditional construction. Read how a tiny house is built in LTH.


It all starts with a conversation. We will talk about you – about how you like to live, how to live, what you expect from Tiny House. We will choose the right model of the house, its appearance and equipment – so that it becomes an ideal place to live. Our team will turn your dreams of a new home into reality within several weeks.

You can contact us in many ways: the contact form on the website, by direct e-mail to or by phone at +48 506113594.

Here you will find the specifications of the premium cabin. To start your journey with us, we highly recommend that you visit us at our office or make an appointment with us to discuss your little home. Thanks to this, you can meet the team, see the materials we use in our constructions, talk about your expectations.

Decided, the model of the house selected? It’s time to act!

We will prepare documentation for you, describing exactly what will be in Tiny House and a beautiful house design with finishing and equipment.

Exactly like your dreams.

We will sign a contract that will include all our obligations to you and the payment schedule.



From now on, we start construction stage.

Thanks to a well-thought-out process, the construction time of the house is shortened to the limit. We keep you informed about the progress of the work all the time, sometimes sending “behind the scenes” photos how a tiny house is built.

And if you feel like it, you can visit the workshop and see live how your house is being created.

You can believe us – it’s an amazing feeling!

About 2 weeks before the end, we inform you to schedule a pick-up. We will agree whether we will deliver the house to the indicated address or whether the client has his own transport. To be able to transport it, you must have a B+E driving license and a suitable car that can pull a trailer up to 3.5 tons.

Is the cottage ready? Let’s go!

Beautifully finished, wrapped in love and well secured, we pack the house on a trailer and deliver it to the indicated place in Europe with the greatest care.

Yes, yes – it’s not a joke. And you don’t need a building permit to live in it. All you need is your own piece of land.


Live beautifully!

And we will make sure that the house will serve you trouble-free for many years. After the purchase, we are still at your disposal.

We provide warranty and technical support for the house and its equipment. After a year, we perform a free technical inspection to give you confidence that everything is in order.

We also create a dedicated platform for you, where you will find all the information about the operation of the house, its proper maintenance, minor repairs, you will be able to order post-warranty service and dispel any doubts by contacting us.


Every good collaboration starts with a conversation.

Tel. +48 506113594


+48 506 113 594